Ugly Shooting

Street Affray at Carrollton, Ky.


Ex-Sheriff Williams Receives Three
 Bullets From George Dean


The Affair the result of Supposed Perfidy on
 the Part of Dean, Who Is Now In Jail


Carrollton, Ky., September 20. -A shooting scrape involving prominent men, and based on an alleged seduction, occurred at 4 o'clock this afternoon on Main street, and as a result Robert M. Williams is suffering from three wounds, one of which is very serious, and Geo. S. Dean is in Jail for inflicting them, both men being from near Worthville, Ky.  A few months ago Cragie, a handsome daughter of  Williams, who is a tenant on Dean's farm, disappeared from home under circumstances which strongly supported the theory of criminal intimacy with Dean, and she has not yet returned.  Williams had disclosed his intentions of killing Dean on sight.  the later having been at Madison, Ind., on business for a month, this was their first meeting. The preponderance of statements is that Williams approached Dean and fired first, firing four shots.  Dean returning the fire in quick succession and emptying the five chambers of his weapon.  One ball entered entered Williams side three inches below the nipple, and has not been located.  The doctors cannot give an opinion.  The second ball made an ugly flesh wound under the shoulder-blade, and the third grazed the thigh.  Dean was not touched.  Both men were game.  Dean is unmarried and one of the most prominent farmers and the handler of trotters.  Williams is an ex-sheriff of Owen County, a good citizen, and shows five wounds received in the Confederate army.


From the Cincinnati Enquirer, September 22, 1890