1819 Deed


August 24th – 1819  Then Surveyed for James Roberts 50 acres of land on an Entry & Entered on a Treasury Warrant by James Spitman bearing date June 4th 1819 Lying and being in the County of Gallatin and bounded as follows (to wit)

Beginning at a black gum in Robert Brentons line and Binding there with and Runing Thence West 100 poles to B a hickory in Henry David’s line Thence with his said line North 80 poles to C a beach on a Ridge Thence East 100 poles to D a blue ash on a hillside Thence South 80 poles to the beginning.


Know exactly where this was? Think those beech and gum and hickory trees on a hill are real definitive? Don't laugh, if you go back far enough, your deed covering your land absolutely looks like this.