1907 Flood in Warsaw


The effects of the flood in the Ohio River is still being felt though an effort is being made to clean up the debris in the town and get the obstructions off the public highways that were inundated.  Several small houses were entirely wrecked beyond repair while others were almost demolished. The Eagle Hotel of W. B. Mason was torn up sop badly that the entire lower story had to be rebuilt.  Almost twenty houses were wrecked, the heavy wind and weaves of Saturday night, January 19th doing the damage.  The river front of Warsaw presents a sorry appearance:

Louis Gutting's slaughterhouse, badly wrecked;
Mrs. John Tolliver's house, slightly wrecked;
Mrs. Nora Montgomery's three houses, slightly wrecked;
the houses of Minerva French and Cynthia Hamilton were wrecked;
Daniel Moody's house, badly wrecked, and outhouse and stable carried away;
Sallie French's house, wrecked;
Jos. R. White's log house, badly wrecked;
Mrs. Nannie Summons' house on river front, wrecked;
Beyer's Heirs' house, wrecked considerably, front torn out;
Ed Skirvin's restaurant, damage slight;
Dr. S. B. Robinson's frame cottage, wrecked somewhat;
Jacob Gardt's saloon property, damaged slightly;
S. B. Grubb's coal yard property, owned by R. B. Brown, wrecked somewhat, building off foundation;
W. B. Mason's Eagle Hotel, two sides of building town out, fences and some out houses swept away;
Thomas Waller's house, wrecked slightly;
John Bledsoe's house, wrecked somewhat;
Jennie Branham's house, considerable wrecked;
Pryor Perry's brick cottage, badly wrecked, two sides being town out;
John Webb's house, wrecked somewhat;
Gill White's frame cottage, wrecked somewhat, floated of foundation;
Rice Webb's house, wrecked somewhat, off foundation;
Jas. R. McDanell's house wrecked slightly;
Charlotte Harris' house, wrecked slightly; and
the machinery in the saw mill property of the J. H. McDanell's Sons Co. was damaged considerably.

Nearly all the outhouses on their properties were washed away and the premises covered with debris.  The flooded district will have to be almost rebuilt to repair the damage.  The loss to property here is estimated to be $5,000.  The river is now at a normal boating stage.


from the Warsaw Independent, February 2, 1907