Warsaw in the 1913 Flood


We're assuming this is the 1913 Flood.  The big floods were 1883, 1884, 1907, 1913 and 1937.  To the right of the old Baptist Church, you can see R. B. Brown's tobacco warehouse, which we know was standing in 1910, but was gone by 1920.  So 1913 is the logical guess. 

Orient yourself by the churches.  You can see the Methodist Church, the old Baptist Church (where the current Baptist Church is),  Consolidated Second Baptist (earlier a Presbyterian Church) and the Christian Church (with the old steeple).  You can locate the Opera House and the Court House; you can see the Marshall House/Eagle Hotel mostly hidden behind the wharf boat.  Notice Jake Gardt's saloon just behind it, and the Hobbs building toward the court house from Gardt. You can see smoke and the smokehouse from McDanell's Furniture Factory -  look to the right of the court house.  Notice the row of houses on Water Street, on the river side of Second Consolidated Baptist.  (High Street is at the top of the hill, the next street toward the river is Locust, and Water street was between Locust and the River.  It's totally under water these days because of the rise in the pool when Markland went in.)

Above all notice this: “under the hill” was a vibrant, happening place, with stores and businesses and houses.  Hundreds of them.