Whatever . . .


From the Covington Journal of May 27, 1871, was reprinted this: (from the New York Democrat):  "In Warsaw, Ky are thirty-two widows, each possessed of a fortune of not less than one hundred thousand dollars. The oldest of these widows is thirty-nine, the youngest twenty-nine. All are handsome and all are in the market. Should Brigham Young make a sweep from his harem-scarem, at Utah, upon the widow’s nest at Warsaw and capture the entire lot, he would cut quite a figure. He might do so but for fear such a raid and capture of the widows of Warsaw would make moirĂ© war in Utah than it ever saw before. This being the case, the reporter could but say.

Of all the wars we ever saw, we never saw a war like the war we saw among the wives and women or Warsaw."