Difficulty at Warsaw


Difficulty at Warsaw - Loss of Life - Troops Ordered to Take Possession

On Tuesday night a difficulty took place between two brothers named Leonard and a man named Isaac Clemmens, the dispute originating on war issues of the day.  One of the Leonard brothers fired on Clemmens, who turned on J. Leonard and shot him dead.  T. Leonard then rallied to assist his brother, but received a shot, from the effects of which it is thought he will not recover.  Three union men were slightly wounded.  Owing to frequent disturbances in Warsaw between the Union and Southern Rights elements, General Buell has ordered two companies of Colonel Whittlesey's Twentieth Regiment to go down and take possession of the town.  They left on the mail boat yesterday, the 27th.

Upon arrival of Col. Whittlesey's command at Warsaw several arrests were made, including Dr. Chambers, member of the legislature, John Marshall, Esq., and H. Baldwin, Clerk of the County Court.  They were sent to Cincinnati.


from the Covington Journal, December 28, 1861