A Gang of Secession Rascals


The neighborhood of Warsaw, Ky., has been considerably annoyed of late by a gang of Secession rascals led by a reckless fellow named Luther Green, and all sorts of petty outrages have been committed on the Union by these outlaws.  On Saturday last, however, a complete nonplus was put to the proceedings by a little band of Union volunteers, numbering eighteen or twenty, under Captain Howe, who is recruiting at Camp Boyle, on Paint Lick Creek, near Warsaw.

On the morning of that day two soldiers of Captain Howe’s company were surprised by Green’s gang and made prisoners, and it is stated that they were about to be hung when the news reached camp.  The little party mentioned immediately started in pursuit, and after a brisk walk of six miles they came in view of the rebel party, which numbered 30 or 40, and a skirmish ensued. The rebels took to flight; but two of them – Robert Herndon and T. J. Hughes – were shot dead, and Green was taken prisoner.

The two Union soldiers were rcovered and a number of small arms and a quantity of personal property was secured.  Green arrived in Cincinnati Monday, and was sent to Camp Chase.  


From the Frankfort Tri Weekly Commonwealth , October 30, 1861