Gallatin County Convicts
Name Crimes County Year Sentence
Piles, William Felony Gallatin 1812 1 year
Bash, Thomas Murder Gallatin 1822 6 years
Taylor, Horace Horse Stealing Gallatin 1826 5 years
Conway, Hugh Murder Gallatin 1827 4 years
Pearson, Samuel Murder Gallatin 1829 1.5 years
Davidson, James Burglary Gallatin 1831 2 years
Plummer, William Burglary Gallatin 1831 3 years
Taylor, Morgan Horse Stealing Gallatin 1832 5 years



Sneed's 1860 History of the Kentucky Penitentiary gives the name of individuals and, in some instances - not all - the county from which they were sentenced.  This is the Gallatin County list, from 1798 through 1834.  Please keep in mind that Gallatin covered more territory then than it does now.