D. Boone Artifact in Gallatin?


Mr. Editor: In passing through Gallatin co., a few days since, I chanced to meet with a very ancient and interesting curiosity, and thought, perhaps, your readers might be interested in a description of it in your paper. It was at the house of Mr. Edmund Bryson, in the above named county, near the celebrated Big Bone Lick. Mr. B. informed me that about the 1st of this month, one of the family found a stone about 12 inches square, and 1 inch thick, bearing the date of "1773." At the time it was found no other marks could be seen; but after cleaning the moss and dirt from it's surface, the figure of a man's head, very ingeniously cut in the stone; and under it in legible characters, were inscribed "Daniel Boone." There can be but little doubt that it is the work of the Old Pioneer himself, as there are several large licks in the vicinity, which were, in days past, much frequented by Buffalo, Deer, etc. He was no doubt attracted thither to enjoy the wild and delightful amusement for which he was so celebrated. From J. B., Verona, July 20, 1847.


From the Licking Valley Register, August 6, 1847. You should be aware that "finding" artifacts purportedly carved by Boone was pretty common in Kentucky about this time. Some were possibly valid, but like sitings of Elvis or UFO's, extremely unlikely.