Gallatin County Post Offices

Over time, there have been over 24 differently named post offices in Gallatin County. Some of these are the result of a town changing its name; most are not. The fact that a place had a post office should not be interpreted to mean it was actually a town, as you of it today: it may well have been somebody’s general store, with a stack of mail on a shelf and a little box of stamps off to the side. And in any given community, it may have changed location based on the politics of the most recent election.

The peak in Gallatin County was in 1903-04, when there were 11 post offices open at the same time. Ryle, Brashear, and Munk P.O.'s closed in the 1930's leaving Gallatin with the three Post Offices it has open today.

The consolidation between 1900 and 1915, however, was rapid. The USPS has a web site here, that lists every postmaster in the history of some, current post offices. As of this writing in summer of 2006, Warsaw, Glencoe, and Sparta are only partially listed.

Here’s a chart that will give you a vague idea of how many post offices were open in any given year between the first (Fredericksburgh, and Saunders Mill, both in 1816) and now. Keep in mind that Carroll Co., which used to be part of Gallatin, wasn't created until 1838, so some of these PO's were likely in what is now Carroll County.

There’s a similar chart that covers all eleven counties of Northern Kentucky Views, here.


Began Closed Town
1825 1844 Beech Park
1836 1837 Big Lick
1895 1931 Brashear
1881 1887 Brasher
1831 1838 Castleman's
1824 1841 Conners
1900 1903 Drury
1869 1870 Dudley
1832 1835 Eagle Creek
1886 1911 Etheridge
1816 1832 Fredericksburgh
1898 1906 Gex
1848   Glencoe
1900 1939 Munk
1841 1912 Napoleon
1885 1931 Ryle
1816 1817 Saunder's Mills
1831 1842 South Fork Big Bone
1882   Sparta
1870 1882 Sparta Station
1891 1909 Sugar
1858 1891 Sugar Creek
1866 1885 Walnut Lick
1832   Warsaw