Judge Lynch at Warsaw


A Prisoner Charged with Murder, Shot and killed in
the Jail at Warsaw, by a Mob


 The Party Quietly Disperses


 A man named Abijah Gridley, while confined in jail at Warsaw; Gallatin county was shot and killed by a mob of nearly 100 men, who broke into the jail with the dread purpose of killing the prisoner.

 Gridley was a farmer, and lived about five miles from Warsaw; he was known as a reckless, bad man, surrounded with suspicious of crimes.  At the last term of court, Gridley was indicted for larceny, there being several counts against him.  The principal witness against him was a young man named North, who lived in the neighborhood, and sustained an excellent reputation.  For appearing against him, Gridley threatened in determined and unmistakable terms, to kill young North and several others.  On Friday last Gridley went to North's house and shot at him several times, fortunately without hitting him

 These two men met in Warsaw, Saturday, where a quarrel soon came up, and Gridley ran into Brown's Hotel and fired at North, the bullet piercing his breast.  He fell to the ground mortally wounded, and cannot survive.  Gridley jumped out of the back window and attempted to escape, but was caught near Mr. Kern's house, and placed in jail, where his wife and child were permitted to remain with him, the authorities believing that, in case of violence from the outside, he would be in no danger.

 The shooting of young North created a furious excitement in Warsaw, and the surrounding country, and the people were inflamed against the desperate Gridley.  About 1 o'clock Sunday morning there came a mob of between seventy-five and one hundred men, nearly all disguised.  The jailer left the responsibility on his wife and fled, and the mob demanded of her the keys.  She told them they were hidden, and she could not get them.  The crowd procured crowbars and forced open the jail by breaking the wall.  They found Gridley, brought him out of his cell, and poured eight revolver bullets into his body, killing him instantaneously.  Their work of vengeance being executed they quietly dispersed in all directions.