History of  Gallatin County, Part 18


The Early History Is Written by Woman

In this issue you will find a splendid write-up of Gallatin county by Pryor Tarvin with the Kentucky Times-Star.  This article appeared on the editorial page of the Times-Star June 27.  Mr. Travin had the text of this write-up from a similar article that was on the front page of the Gallatin County News, June 22nd.

We would be proud and feel honored if we could take credit for the article of June 22nd, but everybody who knows us knows that we are not capable. So we think that we should notify the readers of this paper at this time just who is responsible for the splendid history of our county and to place the honor where honor is due. 

The person who got together the data of that interesting piece of news to many of us is the same party who has had to do and took the lead in reporting many other historical events that have taken place in our little county.

The author is a lady and one of the most, if not the most, progressive persons in our county.  She takes the lead in all worthwhile enterprises, the ladies clubs, school, church work, and many other activities that amount to very much.  This lady would not want us to make public any of these good things she should have credit for.  She has told us so, many times, when we would want her to let us sign her name. But this time we are going to tell, on account of persons from a distance that do not know the editor, might give him the credit.  The author of the article that Mr. Tarvin took his notes from is one of Gallatin county's most progressive and popular citizens - Mrs. Nancy Rainey Gullion.


July 7, 1929, from the Gallatin County News.  This is referring to the Gullion article we've listed as #17.  They were published next to each other.