Naming of Warsaw, Part 5

While County Clerk [Earl] Spencer was cleaning out one of the rooms in the Court House at Warsaw, he came across a book of Acts of the Kentucky Legislature of the year 1831.  One of the Acts reads as follows:

“An act to change the name of the town of Fredericksburg, approved, December 12, 1831.  Whereas it is represented to the present General Assembly, that great inconvenience frequently occurs to the citizens of the town of Fredericksburg  in the county of Gallatin, by the frequent miscarriage of letters, boxes, goods, etc. in consequence of town, in the county of Washington, bearing the same name:

“Therefore, Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky that the town now known by the name of Fredericksburg (in the county of Gallatin), shall, hereafter, be called and known by the name Warsaw and not of Fredericksburg.

“Sec. 2.  Be it further enacted that the trustees of said town, shall have the same power under the title of Warsaw as they would have under the name of Fredericksburg.”

In another old book of the State Senate's activities we found that Gallatin County under the date of December 10, 1830 was one of the counties in Kentucky that was self sustaining.  The amount of revenue was $626.61, the expenditure was $303.53.  Net revenue $323.09.  Thomas Metcalfe was governor at that time.

Bond Vanpelt was Sheriff of Gallatin County in the year 1799 and gave bond.  John Grimes was County Judge the same year and gave $500 bond.  The magistrates were Hugh Gatewood, Martin Hawkins, Grasham Lee, William Thomas, and Berry Leary. Pierce Butler was appointed County Clerk.