A small post village of Gallatin county, situated on the head waters of Sugar Creek, 7 miles from Warsaw, the capital of the county, 50 miles north from Frankfort, 31 miles from Covington, and 75 north-east from Louisville. It contains one Baptist Church, one Masonic Lodge (No. 216), one hotel, two general stores, one physician, two magistrates, one blacksmith, one boot and shoe maker, one saddle and harness maker, and ten or twelve resident planters.  Population 40.  Post office established about 1839. Wm. L. Richards, postmaster.

Business Directory

Brown, Thomas general merchant
Coneley, G. M. planter
Coner, Samuel planter
Elliston, Jones justice of the peace
Height boot and shoemaker, dealer
Holton, John N. planter
Jones, Jonas hotel proprietor
Landram, James P. planter
Lee, Elder John W. pastor of the Baptist Church
Lillard, Rev. David planter
Lillard, Joseph S. planter
Richards, William L. postmaster, physician and surgeon
Ringo, John planter
Swope, B. planter
Swope, Henry F. general merchant
Turley, Joseph planter and magistrate
Woolf, William P.

From George W. Hawes’ Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1859 and 1860