Hobb's Building


As you drive down Main Cross, toward the river, you get to Locust Street at the bottom of the hill. On the corner, on your left - the northwest corner of Locust and Main Cross - sat the Hobb's Building.  Beyond the Hobb's Building was the bar or tavern of Jacob Gardt, and beyond that was the Eagle Hotel.  After that was Water Street, now under water.

The Hobb's building was later used as a Coca Cola Warehouse.

If you're familiar with that area, you'll notice that we're any number of feet into the river in current terms.  Obviously, the creation of Markland Dam raised to pool level of the Ohio was beyond where it was when these pictures were taken.

It says on the back that the “woman on the left is known as “Ticklebritches” -lives on shanty boat with 30 dogs.” The other two women are Sallie Marksberry, and a visiting friend of hers, Rhoda Waddington.

The picture is taken from the Lindell Hotel.