Lynching in Warsaw

At Warsaw, Gallatin County, Kentucky, two weeks ago this evening, Ben. French and his wife, colored, invited Luke Jones, an aged and respectable colored man, to take supper with them. He accepted the invitation, and soon after supper was taken very ill, and died a few hours later. An inquest developed the fact that French had purchased arsenic, and the stomach of Jones was sent to Louisville for chemical examination.

Day before yesterday, at 2 A.M., a crowd of masked men surrounded the jail at Warsaw, in which French and wife were confined, and demanded of the jailer the keys. He refused to give them up, but they managed to capture him and got the keys from his wife. They then took the prisoners out, carried them to the farm of J.H. McDaniel, a mile above Warsaw, and hanged them both, fatally.

Luke Jones was a greatly respected man, of some property. French had a bad name. He had been, for several years, a "roustabout" on the Ben. Franklin and General Buell. He was thirty-five years of age.

We have not heard yet that there was clear evidence that French and his wife murdered Jones, though it certainly was not doubted by the Warsaw people.


Cincinnati Commercial,   May 5, 1876