Napoleon Presbyterian Church

During the meeting of the West Lexington Presbytery in Georgetown on September 14, 1843, Rev. W. H. Forsythe and Rev. W. Y. Allen were appointed to organize a church in Napoleon, in Gallatin County. On April 11, 1844, the committee reported to the Presbytery that a church at Napoleon was organized and that R. Scott, an elder from he church, was present. The church, at this meeting of Presbytery, was permitted to employ Rev. George B. Armstrong, of Ebenezer Presbytery, as a a supply.

Mr. Scott was present as the elder from this church, November 17, 1847, in Crittenden.

This church was order stricken from the roll of Presbytery September 5, 1856 because the members had joined other churches under the care of the Presbytery.


from the Robert Stuart Sanders papers, Including: Sketches of Churches in the Presbyteries of West Lexington, 1799-1935; Ebenezer, 1820-1935; and Lexington-Ebenezer, 1935-1956 (4 vols.), in the Presbyterian Historical Society Library.