The county seat of Gallatin county, was first settled in 1818, at which time it was called Fredericksburg, and was known by that name until 1834, when it was incorporated under its present name. It is situated on the Ohio river, above the overflow at high water, 82 miles from Louisville, and 9 from Sparta Station, L. C. & LO. R.R., its nearest shipping point by rail. It contains a flouring mill, saw mill, four churches, Christian, Baptist, Methodist and Catholic, a male and female college, and two public schools, and one bank. The surrounding country is undulating and very fertile, and produces the finest samples of corn, wheat and tobacco, which form its principal exports. Stage to Sparta Station. Express, Adams. Daily mail. Population 1,000. Jacob Carver, postmaster.

Business Directory

Abbett, Henry J., jr., physician.
Abbett, Henry J., sr., lawyer and insurance agent.
Allen, Thomas, col'd, blacksmith.
Baldwin, Francis, physician.
Boyers, Andrew, bakery, confectionery, and boot and shoe store.
Brown, James S., physician.
Brown, John R., grocer.
Brown, Robert B., express agent and confectioner.
Brown, Walter, sr., feed stable.
Carver, Jacob, postmaster.
Carver, John, grocer.
Chambers, Horatio T., druggist.
Craig, William, hardware, stoves, tinware and furniture.
Craig & Kirby, general store.
Dailey, Daniel B., leaf tobacco.
Darneille, John D., groceries and queensware.
Furnish, J. Crittenden, lawyer.
Ginn, D.P. & Son, general store.
Gordon, Miss Fannie J., assistant teacher in Warsaw Male and Female College.
Gordon, Thomas, principal Warsaw Male and Female College.
Hall, John J., shoemaker.
Hamilton, Rev. Alexander, col'd (Baptist).
Hearick, Michael S., Carriage and Wagon Mnfr.
Hildebrand, George F.J., Merchant Flouring Mills.
Hobbs & Morrow, leaf tobacco.
Howard, James A., steam saw and grist mill.
Johnson, Henry, barber.
Kirby, John W., lessee wharfboat.
Kirby, William H., coal dealer.
Krutz & Fuller, General Store.
Landram, Frank, lawyer.
Landram, John J., lawyer.
Limeback, Thomas M., saddlery and harness.
Lindsey, Ben F., lawyer and insurance agent.
McDanell, J.H. & Son, general store and leaf tobacco.
McNeille, Horace, saddlery and harness.
Marshall, Edwin, proprietor of Marshall House.
Noel, Almond D., lawyer.
Peak, Henry C., druggist.
Peak, Mrs. Mary, school teacher.
Perry, Miss Jennie, school teacher.
Pulliam, John D., Propr. Brown's Hotel and Saloon.
Pulliam, Walter B., confectioneries, cigars, &c.
Richards, John & Son, plasterers.
Robinson, John T., lawyer.
Robinson, John T., physician.
Russell, Robert R., jeweler.
Stodgehill, Mrs. Martha, dressmaker.
Strother, Charles, lawyer.
Taaffe, Thomas, blacksmith.
Taaffe, William, Undertaker and Dealer in Agricultural Implements, Monuments and Building Materials.
Taylor, John W., meat market.
Tiller, Rev. Benjamin, (Christian).
Tiller, Lee L., lawyer.
Vanice, James M., painter.
Walshe, Miss Alice, millinery.
Warsaw Deposit Bank, H.J. Abbett, Pres., Florian Cox, Cash.
Warsaw Merchant Flouring Mills, George F.J. Hildebrand, Propr.
White, J. Mitchell, plasterer.
White & Winters, builders.
Wilcher, Joseph, blacksmith.
Williams, Mrs. Sarah, millinery.
Winn, W. & J., leaf tobacco.
Winters & Sons, builders.
Young, Rev. Joseph H., (Methodist South).


This info is from the Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, published in 1876-77 by R. L. Polk in Louisville.