Dirty Political Tricks


To the Voters of Gallatin County:

Warsaw, KY, April 2nd, 1886.

Learning that certain parties have industriously circulated through Napoleon district and other localities the report that I had said to certain parties that "if re-elected County Attorney I would no longer object to or oppose an appropriation to erect a bridge at the mouth of Paint Lick Creek, on the road sought to be engineered through the County Court by one Sam Davis, and that certain parties had my receipt for monies paid me for services rendered as attorney for said road in the County Court."

I hereby denounce both of said statements as utterly and entirely false. I stand by my position and utterances in the County court on that motion. I pledge myself in the most emphatic terms not to countenance the slightest compromise thereto, and I will give five hundred dollars to anyone who will produce or exhibit such a receipt of mine for money paid as charged above; and I denounce both statements as parts of the scheme invented by a set of political tricksters to injure me.

My position on this and every other public question is well defined and understood, and I stand by my public utterances on this question, and I respectfully caution my friends to ignore campaign lies started on the day before election, when it is too late for me to be present and contradict them.


R. B. Brown



From The Warsaw Independent, November 26, 1898