Who's in the Pictures


1st row: 6th fom L Joan Marksberry

2nd row: 1st from R Bob Clifton; 3rd person from R Joy Gross Story Higgins; 4th from R Mrs. Story (Jack Story's mother, Joy's mother-in-law); 6th from R Nelly Clifton

2rd row: 1st from L Emma Wallick

4th row: 2nd from L standing under light Liza Wallick

5th row: 2nd from L Bor. Stephenson


1st row: 2nd fomr L Bro. Stephenson; 5th from L Alice Beall Combs

2nd row: 5th from L Nan Radford; 6th from L Mrs. Radford (Nan's mother)

3rd row: 2nd from R Floyd Wilson; 3rd from R Lucy Connelly Wilson (Floyd's wife)


Thanks to Sabrina Alcorn Baron for the ID's.