Gallatin County, 1847
Formed 1798
County Seat Warsaw
Terms of County Court Second Monday in every month, except March and September
Justices of the Peace John Montgomery, Joseph S. Lillard, Elijah Graham, Fountain Perry, John Field, Wm. Deane, James H. Sale, Levi Griffin, George W. Sanders, David Huston
Sheriff John V. Lindsay, commissioned Nov. 27, 1844
Deputy Sheriffs John A. Ritchey and N. H. Sinclair
Clerk John F. Robinson, Warsaw
County Attorney Henry J. Abbott, do.
Jailer Nathaniel M'Guire, do
Coroner John C. Richards, do.
Constables Lorenzo Graves, Samuel Ritchey, Warsaw; Wilson Merrill, Napoleon; Jackson R. Shipp, James G. Robertson, Wm. A. Bailey, Aquilla Jacobs.
Notaries Public none
Surveyor Robert Grubbs
Commissioner of Tax Abraham Scruggs, Warsaw
Attorneys At Law Henry J. Abbett, Edmund W. Hawkins, Hiram Kelsey, William Banton, Warsaw
Physicians John C. Richards, Wm. B. Chamberlin, Virgil M'Clure, Francis Baldwin, H. M. Smith, Warsaw; P. P. Hanna and Wm. L. Richards, Napoleon.
Principal Merchants Willis Peak, Geo. C. & Geo. Roberts, N. H. Sinclair & Co., Hardesty & Landy, Richard Gaines, Warsaw; Swope & Risler, Mouth of Sugar creek; Joseph S. Lillard, Jacksonville; Gabriel Reed, M. J. Williams, Napoleon.



Data is from The Kentucky State Register for the Year 1847, edited by Taliaferro P. Shaffner, Morton & Griswold, publishers, Louisville, 1847.