Trade Secret Divulged By an Editor in Kentucky

Special Correspondent to the New York Times, Warsaw, Ky., June 21. - Apologizing for the lack of news in a recent issue of the Gallatin County News, the editor, [likely Ed Lamkin], in a note to his subscribers, had the following to say:

“On account of the Warsaw Waterworks advertisement last week we were compelled to leave out nearly all of our county news.  This could not be avoided, but we will try to make up for this a little later.

“Of course, you all know, or should know, that we have to make a living or steal.  We do want to live and we are afraid we would be caught stealing.  Advertising is the only way we have of getting money. So bear with us and everything will come out all right.”


from the New York Times, June 24, 1934.