Col. Rod Perry’s Will

I, Rod Perry of Warsaw, Ky., do make and publish the following as my last will and testament hereby revoking all wills by me heretofore made.

 First—I will that my liabilities if any shall be paid, also my funeral expenses and that my executors shall within a reasonable time have put up on my lot in the Odd Fellows cemetery, a family monument.

 Second—I give to my daughter-in-law Chloe Perry, my diamond shirt stud. To my oldest son Chambers Perry, my confederate Cross of Honor and my appointment as First Lieutenant in the Confederate States Army, to be kept and held in my family as a heirloom in perpetuity. To my son W. P. Perry, my watch, and to my grandson Rod Perry Hughes the large water colored picture of his mother.

 Third—I will and bequeath to my said grandson Rod Perry Hughes, the sun of Forty Thousand dollars ($40,000.00) to be by my executors invested in good improved farming land, the location to be approved by my said grandson, and the title to be made to him in fee simple. I do not mean that the exact sum named shall be so invested, but approximately that amount. But if the land should be bought for less, then the difference to make up the $40,000.00 shall be paid him in money, and my executors shall pay my said grandson $200.00 per month out of my estate from the date of my death until said investment is made.

 Fourth—I will and bequeath to my sons Chambers Perry and W. P. Perry all the balance of my estate, real, personal and mixed, and wheresoever situated share and share alike, to have and to hold unto them and their heirs and assigns forever. I put a valuation of $6,000.00 on my house on the Sparta pike in Warsaw, Ky., including 10 ½ acres and all the improvements. If either of my sons shall want to sell his share, the other shall have the first option to purchase same. In making division of my estate, I make this further condition. In view of the fact that I now believe that the McDanell Furniture Manufacturing Company will be a success due to the untiring efforts and management of Pryor, it is my will that he shall take all of my stock in said Company at a valuation of $8,000.00.

Fifth—As a soldier in the “Lost Cause” without hope of fee or reward and in the fear of God, I tried to do my whole duty. Let it be said on the monument to be erected that I was a First Lieutenant in the Confederate States Army and Adjutant of Rifles 9th Tennessee Cavalry, Forest Corps.

 I hereby appoint my sons Chambers Perry and W. P. Perry executors of this my last week and testament and having full faith in their honesty and capacity, direct that no security be required of them or either of them. I want my sons to take an interest in Rod Hughes, and by advice and council to aid him as far as they can. “All for one, and one for all.” This will and signature is wholly in my own handwriting.

July 12th, 1920.   
Rod Perry


As printed in the Walton Advertiser of July 22, 1926