Some of the Older Churches

Warsaw First Baptist:  Organized July 29, 1843, bought  lot in 1846, and M. Cull built a single floor brick building which was torn down for a new church in 1882, cost $800.

Mt. Zion Predestinarian Baptist (Colored) organized “1885(?)”

Glencoe Baptist organized January 11, 1878, present building dedicated March 21, 1921.  First clergyman was Dr. Salin “He was a consecrated Jew.”

Second Missionary Baptist (Colored), organized 1866. “The first building was a one story frame with one room used from 1866-1893 when it was turned into a colored school, the church donating the building free.”  “This building was a white Presbyterian church and was blown down by wind.  All remaining bricks and site bought by colored people and colored Masons who rebuilt it as it now stands.  There are two remaining members from the original congregation and it is from them that I obtained this information.”

“The white Baptist church in this town is called the 1st Missionary Baptist Church, so the colored people call theirs the 2nd Missionary Baptist Church.”


from the Gallatin County WPA records; Survey of State and Local Historical Records, 1936, compiled by William L. McCann and Geo. J. Alcorn.