Doug Lakes
I was mowing my place on Blanchet Road one day and I kept noticing a depression in the ground which was getting deeper every year. Not too big, but I knew the ground was sinking. One day I rolled over it and my back wheel dropped down in the depression and it opened up. I looked down in the hole and saw a pipe about 2 inches round. Stuck my hand down the hole and found out it was a long pipe. It was going to the west, and that where the big cisterns are that is on my property. I figured it was piping to fill the boilers up for the steam locomotive’s back in the day. it is on the old railroad cut. I moved here in 1985 and found 2 big cisterns, one that had to be at least 50,000 gallons, the other one maybe 10,000, plus the retaining wall is still standing where the depot was.


From a Facebook post by Doug Lakes