Four Persons Shot

Young Man Uses a Revolver In a Saloon Row


Crowd Was Against Him


After Being Knocked Down with a Club, He Drew His Gun and
 Pumped Lead Into the Gang In A Vicious Manner


Bracht, Ky., July 19 - This town was the scene of a shooting affair in which one man was killed and three others were wounded.

Carl Fisk of Fiskburg had been employed as a workman in the construction of a railroad at Crittenden, Ky., by contractor S. S. Mullins, who also runs a saloon at Bracht.

There was a dispute between the two over a settlement.  CArl Fisk and several friends went into Mullin's saloon together and a general fight ensued.

It is said that Carl Fisk drew a revolver and began firing.  The pistol user escaped.  Then it was found four persons had been shot.

S. S. Mullins, saloonkeeper, was wounded in the left hand.  His son, Alfred, was shot in the mouth and through the right ling and died.

William de Jarnett of Crittenden was shot through the right shoulder, and Frank Richards of Key West was sot in the head, but has only a scalp wound.

It is reported that young Mullins seized a club to run the crowd out.  He knocked Fisk down and the latter immediately began shooting.

Young Fisk fired the shots while on the floor.

-----The Follow-up Story---

Independence, Ky., July 19 - Carl Fisk, who killed Alfred Mullins at Bracht Saturday, was lodged in jail here Sunday on a charge of murder.  Public sympathy is said to be with Fisk, who claims to have shot in self defense.  There is no danger of a lynching by Mullins' friends.  Carl Fisk's uncle, Eli, who is said to have taken part in the shooting, was also arrested.



The first item is from Maysville's Evening Bulletin, July 19, 1898. The follow-up is from the Hickman (Ky) Courier, July 22, 1898.