Gratifying Success

Gratifying Success Is the Williamstown Creamery Company

A member of the News staff visited the Williamstown Creamery recently, as usual, found things running as smoothly as possible. Mr. and Mrs. Ware thoroughly understand the fine art of butter making and are doing all they can to make the creamery a success.  The wish the stockholders to know just the condition the creamery is in at all times.  It is gratifying to know that the creamery is out of debt and the prospects for the future is bright.

As an illustration to show that the business is increasing, we need only to mention that in February 1911, they made 403 pounds more butter than they made in the same month of 1910.  In January 1911 they made 660 pounds more butter than they did in the same month last year.

The Creamery is kept in perfect order, and is clean enough to stand the most rigid inspection.  Possibly no two people could be found who would pay as close attention to the business as Mr. and Mrs. Ware and get as good a results.  However, the future of the Creamery depends largely upon the patronage it receives, the milk furnished the farmers being the chief item, and there is little doubt but it will be better patronized this year than ever before.