Williamstown's Old Creamery


In 1906, two hundred stockholders in Grant County built a creamery in Williamstown on Mill Street.  The old building still stands and is used as a residence.

W. C. Ware, my father, was the "butter-maker," my mother the bookkeeper, and I weighed the milk which was brought to the creamery in spring wagons and buggies.

There were haulers on every road in the county, and every can of milk was sampled and tested for butter fat content.

Butter not sold to the stores in Williamstown was shipped to Cincinnati. 

The water used to produce steam which ran the "Factory" came from a spring on the grounds.  The ice used to cool the cream and butter came from Georgetown Springs.

The creamery was closed in 1912.


by Homer Ware, reprinted from the 1976 Bicentennial Edition of the Grant County News