Hotel Donald

“Williamstown's new hotel, the Hotel Donald, will open its doors to the public March 1st.  G. D. Traylor, of Georgetown, claimed to be a first class hotel man in every particular, will have charge.  The hotel will be rented completely furnished, barring bed linen and chinaware for the dining room.  Mr. Traylor agrees to take the hotel on a rental basis of one year with the privilege of three years, with a slight increase in rent for each succeeding year.  The first year's rent will amount to only $2,400, which will not pay investment, and the total for three years will not amount to more than enough to pay 3 per cent. on the investment after paying taxes, insurance and maintenance of the building.  By the end of three years it is expected that the Dixie Highway will be completed and it is hoped that the stock will pay a good dividend, and that the stock will be worth par or better.  All of this, however, is for the future to decide.  The hotel is one of the nicest small town hotels in Northern Kentucky  And is something greatly needed in our fair city.” From the Grant County News, February 12, 1926


According to John Conrad's History of Grant County, Kentucky, the Hotel Donald was built in the 1925.  Donald was the name of the son of the man who financed the building, one Simon Billiter.  Donald had died in an earlier explosion.

The building was also used as the Greyhound Bus Station in Williamstown, and over the years hosted folks such as Governor A. B. “Happy” Chandler, country music star Minnie Pearl, and Ky. Lt. Gov. Thelma Stovall. It burned down in July of 1996, killing two children, 9-year-old Cedic Kinman and 10-year-old Megan Davis.