Arsonist in Dry Ridge

Fire of mysterious origin Tuesday morning destroyed the new county high school building in Dry Ridge, Ky., entailing a loss of $15,000.  Albert Bracht was passing the building at 3 o’clock Tuesday morning when he noticed flames pouring out of the windows on the lower floor.  He summoned the volunteer firemen, but they were unable to save the school.

This is the third mysterious fire in Dry Ridge within the past week.  Residents are greatly alarmed and the state fire marshal will be asked to make an investigation.|

On the morning of Wednesday, February 24 at 4 o’clock, the pool room of Rollie Renaker, opposite the Dry Ridge depot, burned.  The origin of this fire could not be ascertained.

The following morning at 3 o’clock the residences of Alvin S. Skirvin and the rev. Henry Frakes, 20 feet apart, were destroyed.  The household effects of the Frakes residence were burned, but volunteers were able to save some of the Skirvin property.  These fires entailed a loss of $5,000. Charles Milton, marshal of Dry ridge, said, “ We believe these fires are the work of incendiaries.  No trace of the miscreant has been found, but I am working on a number of clews.  Our citizens are up in arms and the State fire marshal certainly will be asked to make an investigation. The destroyed school building was located about200 yards from the Southern depot.  It was made of pressed brick. 


Kentucky Times Star, March 2, 1915