Why's It Called Dry Ridge?


It's called the Dry Ridge because you can go from North of Walton to south of Corinth and never cross a stream of water.  Try it - it's pretty simple:

dry ridge map

It's a path that began hundreds of years ago, and was first blazed not by Indians, nor Daniel Boone, nor Simon Kenton, nor their peers, but rather by huge herds of buffalo, going from salt lick to salt lick. If ten thousand buffalo said it was a road, it was a road.

Subsequent users - the Indians, Boone, Kenton, their peers, the folks who laid out US 25, I-75, and the C.N.O.& T.P. Railroad - simply had the good sense to follow it.

One hundred years ago, it was an issue for drovers driving pigs and cattle to market either in Covington or Lexington, because those animals needed water.

The town is simply named for the ridge on which it sits.