Fisher's Camp

Fisher's Camp was operated by Tom and Hallie Fisher, who acquired the property in 1928, about the same time as US 25 was coming through. It was one of the few places along the highway that was opened 24 hours a day - even on Christmas. People remember the southern cooking - fried chicken and country ham - and the croquet tournaments.

Tom Fisher's son, also named Tom, ran the place after the senior Mr. Fisher's death in 1952, but the opening of I-75 pretty much put it out of business. Trucks never were a big part of the business, however, because of the hills going up both ways from the camp: trucks didn't want to start from the bottom at a dead stop.

There were 31 cabins in total, but no number 13. There was, however, a twelve and half.


Most of the information above is from a Jack Hick's column in the Kentucky Post of March 27, 1992.