A Terrible Accident


An Entire Train Hurled Down an Embankment


Fifty-three Passengers Injured, Many of Whom Will Die


Cincinnati, March 30. - About half past 5 this morning an accident occurred on the Southern road at Mason's Station, some forty miles from this city. The accident befell the Chattanooga express, due in this city at 7 a.m.

The cause of the accident is not yet known but it was either from a broken rail or a land slide.

It is reported that a number of passengers were injured, but nobody killed.  The Superintendent of the road left this morning for the scene of the wreck to render all the necessary assistance.


It was reported at 1 o'clock that sixty passengers had been injured.

The accident occurred about five miles from Williamstown, Kentucky and was caused by a broken rail.

The entire train of five coaches was hurled down an embankment, with 127 passengers on board.  Of these fifty-three were injured, some of them fatally, and it is thought the latter will die before night.

Mr. O. C. Mead, of Covington, who was on the train, described the scene as a terrible one.

The entire train with the exception of the engine was thrown down an embankment, and the wails and the cries of the anguished from the heap of humanity were pitiable in the extreme.

Dispatches were sent to Williamstown and all the necessary as possible was at once rendered.

An omnibus and several furniture cars conveyed the wounded to that town, and after their wounds were dressed and most of them were placed upon the train and sent to Cincinnati.

The train arrived in this city at half past 2 o'clock this afternoon with the wounded, may of whom were taken to the hospital.  Quite a number are residents of this city.


from the Maysville Daily Evening Bulletin, March 31, 1883