About Williamstown UMC


Very little is known of the early history of the Methodist Church in Grant County. The early pioneer preachers, such as Francis Asbury, William McKendree, Barnabas McHenry, Peter Cartwright, and others traveled large circuits and established churches throughout the Kentucky District. Of these we know that Peter Cartwright more than 100 years ago, visited the southeastern section of Grant County, preached and spent the night in the old Ackman Homestead where L.A. Ackman lived near Layton's Chapel. As early as 1892, the Williamstown Circuit included: Williamstown, Dry Ridge, Salem, and Bethel Grove. Trustees were:

Williamstown- Tim Needham, W.F. Webb, N.H. Pinkard, and C.C. Nesbitt
Dry Ridge- H. Brown and J.M. Flege
Salem- J.W. Chipman, B.N. Harrison, J.W. Gaugh, and J.P. Evens
Bethel Grove-A. Sheriff and W.H. Beverly

Two home and two foreign Missionary Societies were organized on the Four Church Circuit Charge as early as 1894-1895.


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