Girl Killed in Feud Fight

  Williamstown, Ky., Jan. 9. – Miss Ethel Ransom, aged 25 years, was killed and five other persons injured as a result of a feud fight on the streets of Williamstown to-day.  There had been bitter feeling for a long time between the Lantern and Ransom families, and it led to trouble when they met at a dance last night.  The first outbreak was suppressed, but later then men met on the street.  Angry words were exchanged and then the pistols were drawn.   Miss Ransom was killed by a bullet; her brother, Sidney, was shot below the heart and above the eye, and his recovery is doubtful, as also is that of Charles Clark, who was shot through the lungs.  Grover Clark suffered a broken collar bone.  Thomas Turner was beaten, and Emmitt Homan carries a bullet in his right arm.   Grover Clark and George Lantern, both of whom escaped any serious injury, are in jail to-day for participating in the fight.


 From the New York Times, January 10, 1909