Kenton County, 1847
Formed 1839
County Seat Independence
Terms of County Court Third Monday in each month
Justices of the Peace Lewis Klette, James Dedman, John Byland, Robert M. Carlisle, Waller S. Herndon, Wm. M. Respass, James Kelly, James S. Downard, John Colvin, Wm. W. Coleman, James Ellis, Edward T. Clarkson, John W. Leathers.
Sheriff Thomas G. Tupman, commissioned Jan. 9, 1846.
Deputy Sheriffs Jonath. Hathaway, Asa Klette
Clerk N. B. Stephens, Independence
County Attorney John W. Stevenson, Covington
Jailer C. W. Hull, Independence
Coroner T. J. Horden, do.
Constables R. H. Perry, Covington, Jackson Ellis, Wm. Bagby, H. W. MArshall, H. H. Mullins, Wm. Smith
Notaries Public M.M. Benton, William Ernest, A. H. Jameson, Covington.
Surveyor John A. Armstrong
Commissioner of Tax William G. Ellis, Covington; John W. Clemons, Independence
Attorneys At Law James M. Preston, M. M. Benton, James T. Morehead, John W. Stevenson, Daniel Mooar, H. J. Groesbeck, S. M. Moore, George F. Goodhue, S. T. Wall, B. W. Foley, John S. Finley, James Southgate, John W. Wenzies, John Colvin, J. G. Arnold, Covington; Joel A. Levi, Independence.
Physicians John Bennett, Richard Pretlow, Harvey Lewis, T. N. Wise, W. D. Holt, James D. Stuart, Covington; W. W. Walters, T. J. Hordon, J. S. Donard, S. T. Dora, Independence.
Principal Merchants John B.Casey & Co., Is. Cooper & Co., A. L. & T. Greer & Co., Gedge & Brothers,  John Mackey, Walker & Winston, John O'Donnell, John Kearney, Wm. Wason, John Gilbert, George B. Marshall, Lendrum & Arthur, Covington; Wm. Brown, Independence; D. L. Fisk.



Data is from The Kentucky State Register for the Year 1847, edited by Taliaferro P. Shaffner, Morton & Griswold, publishers, Louisville, 1847.