Terrible Toll in Erlanger


 Erlanger and Elsmere even figured larger in the storm Wednesday night than either Covington of Newport.  One is reported dead, Mrs. August Daue, said to have been crushed to death when her house was overturned.  Scores were injured.

With Mrs. Daue was her husband, two daughters and one son, who were all seriously injured when the building capsized.

The injured were removed from the debris and taken to homes of neighbors.  The body of the woman was later recovered.

About 20 women tendering a surprise on Miss Eva B. Mills had an exciting experience.  The house overturned when the merry party were at lunch.  None was injured.

A freak of the storm was when the garage of J. C. Mills, County Superintendent of Schools, was overturned, the auto blown out and found Thursday roosting on an upturned garage.

Covington Lumber Co. building in Erlanger was completely wrecked.

Roof on the home of Joseph Nuxalls was blown off.

W. L. Ruff and his wife were badly injured when their home was wrecked in the storm.

Home of Mrs. Dora Blacken was removed from the foundations one hundred feet.  No one injured.

Home of Ed Bradley completely wrecked.

Joe Kemmick was injured slightly when the roof of his house blew off.

Home of Thomas Stevenson was wrecked almost completely.

Mrs. Ed Gale, who was at home with three small children, became frightened and took her children to the home of a neighbor.  They had scarcely left the house when it collapsed.

Store house of Cincinnati Hay and Grain Co., was blown from foundation, leaving grain and hay stored in the building.

Damages to Erlanger and Elsmere is estimated to run into the hundred of thousands.

The storm seemed to form a path thru both towns and reaped an appalling harvest.  


from the Kentucky Post, July 8, 1915