Distance to Bracht Measured


A much discussed controversy concerning the distance between Covington and Bracht Station, since the completion of the Madison Pike and Dixie Highway, was settled this week when a group of members of the Covington Automobile Club, which included J. Robert Kelley, vice-president; John H. Klette, general counsel, and Russell Swetnam and Henry Hackstadt, members of the Board of Governors, measured the distance on both roadways on a trip to Frankfort, Ky., Monday.

The club officials went to Frankfort to request members of the State Highway Commission to designate the Madison Avenue Pike between Covington and Piner, Ky., as East No. 25.  The party, in going to Frankfort, went by way of Independence, Nicholson, and Piner, then crossed on the Piner Bracht Roadway, which recently was paved with concrete, and thence over the Dixie Highway and Midland Trail to Frankfort, by way of Georgetown.

The distance was ninety miles, Returning, they motored over the Dixie Highway direct into Covington by way of Walton and Erlanger, and the distance was eighty-nine and nine-tenths miles. The speedometer used was said to have been tested for accuracy.


from Motour: The Magazine of the Cincinnati Automobile Club, January 1927.