Kenton County Cabinet Makers
1834 Davis Boards at Thomas Eagens
1834 Dunnaway, Ellis between Garrard and Greenup on 3rd.
1834 Hunter, James on Madison between 2nd and 3rd
1834 Kelly, Thos. boards at J. Morris, Covingotn
1834 Lightfoot, James boards at Dunaways,
1834 Martin, Hiram shop, Market Space
1834 Martin, Wm. Market Space
1834 Moran, Henry A. 3rd, between Garrard and Greenup
1839 Cooper, Enoch 4th St between Greenup and Garrard
1839 Horn, Alex residence at 5th St west of Madison
1839 Newport, Joseph Residence at Scott & Fifth
1839 Rose, Abraham Cabinet maker and Furniture Dealer, Covington
1839 Scott, Wm. H. Chair Maker on N. Market Square
1839 Terbackler, Franz Cabinet Maker
1850 Beech, Mark Age 28, born in Germany
1850 Carter, Herman born in Germany
1850 Clendenin, Robt. Age 54, born in Maryland
1850 Darbeler, F. born in Germany, boards at hotel
1850 Eikoff, Wm Age 48, born in Germany
1850 Glendenning, Harvey West end of 4th Street in Covington
1850 Johnson, J. D. Chairmaker, north side of 10th, b. Russell and Washington, Covington
1850 Linfoot, Thos. Age 35, born in England
1850 Lukeman, A. Rodoph Age 35, born in Germany
1850 Maxwell, Jos. Age 18, born in Michigan
1850 Mills, Philip Cabinet Maker
1850 Mussman, Henry Age 32, born in Germany
1850 Perkins, V. T. Cabinet Maker
1850 Polley, Henry Cabinet maker, b. in Germany
1850 Porter, J. C. Cabinet Maker
1850 Robinson, Wm. E. Cabinet Maker
1850 Shinoff, John Age 29, born in Germany
1850 Shinoff, Michael Age 58, born in Germany
1850 Wilson, Harmon Cabinet Maker
1850 Winter, John Cabinet Maker, Covington
1859 Carl, Henry cabinetmaker in Covington
1859 Cook, John Chairmaker, between 7th and 8th on S. Main
1859 Crowell, John Chair Manufgacturer in Independence
1859 Estep, Wm. Cabinetmaker and Furniture Dealer in Covington
1859 Handrick, John cabinetmaker, W. Main between 4th and 5th in Covington
1859 Hannaford, James cabinetmaker and furniture dealer, Johnson and 4th, Covington
1859 Hannaford, Wm. M cabinetmaker, 5th, between Main and Bakewell
1859 Harmeier, J. cabinetmaker, on 8th between Bakewell and Main in Covington
1859 Hill, Reuben Cabinetmaker and Furniture Dealer
1859 Johnson, John Chairmaker, Covington
1859 Lickman, A. Cabinetmaker and Furniture Dealer, Russell, between 5th and 6th, Covington
1859 Papenbrock, H Bedstead Tuner, N side of 9th, between Greenup & Scott, Covington
1859 Smith, .Wm Cabinet Maker and Undertaker, Independence



This information was compiled from A Checklist of Kentucky Cabinetmakers, by Edna Talbott Whitley, Paris, KY in 1969. Mrs. Whitley had an interest in who might have made various pieces of antique furniture.