In the city of Covington, opposite us, on the river, a negro man has been for many years sexton to one of the churches. He is a slave, but has for many years hired his time from his master in Virginia, at a high rate. The master (one of the F. F. V. [First Families of Virginia] chivalry no doubt) came to Cincinnati, sent to the negro to come over here, and when he came, bargained with him for the purchase of himself at $400, Something over $100 was paid; the master returned to Virginia and sold him. The negro brought suit to establish his freedom; it was contended in his behalf that the act of the master in taking him into Ohio and bargaining with him as a freeman operated as an emancipation. But the Kenton Circuit Court decided against the negro and the Court of appeals affirmed the decision.


National Anti-Slavery Standard, August 25, 1855