A post village and the capital of Kenton county, situated on Bank Lick, and on the Covington turnpike, 11 miles south from Cincinnati, 75 miles north northeast from Frankfort, and by river [?!?] about 16 [?] miles from Louisville.  The Kenton County Agricultural Fairgrounds are situated on the Covington turnpike, one mile from Independence, and 10 miles from Covington.

The town was incorporated in 1840, and contains the usual county buildings; three churches (Methodist Episcopal, Universalist, and Christian Reformed), one Masonic Lodge (Bradford), one Lodge I.O.O.F. (Wolford, No. 68), three general stores, three attorneys, one magistrate, three hotels, four physicians and about twenty mechanical trades.  Population 500.  Post office established 1841.

G. Klette, postmaster.

Business Directory

American hotel N. Tuell, proprietor
Bradford Lodge Masonic
Brooks, I. W. physican and surgeon
Bryant, S. gunsmith
Bryson, C. C. physican and surgeon
Bryson, W. A. painter
Cole, Rev. Mr. pastor Methodist Episcopal Church
Combs, R. d. general merchant
Crowell, John chair manufacturer
Downard, I. S. physican and surgeon
Ellis, Rev. I., pastor Christian Reformed Church
Flanders, Rev. Mr. pastor of Universalist Church
French & Pool carriage and wagon makers
Goyen, D. H. painter
Goyen, D. H. tin ware manufacturer and dealer
Hull, M. sash, blind and window maker, and carpenter and builder
Johnson, I. W. tailor
Kenton House I. G. Story, proprietor
Kentucky House H. Wayman, proprietor
Klette, A. G. postmaster
McDonald, R. nursery and seedsman
Morgan, Geo. carriage, wagon, and plow maker
Nicholson, A. blacksmith
Plummer, Wm. H. H. physician and surgeon, and general merchant
Rankin, O. F. attorney at law
Shaw, L. attorney at law
Smith, W. carpenter and builder
Smith, W. sash, blind and window maker
Smith, Wm. cabinet maker and undertaker
Stopper, Hiram boot and shoe maker and dealer
Stephens, James A. general merchant
Stephens, M. T. mason and builder
Story, I. G. proprietor, Kenton House
Striger, Aaron cooper
Tuell, M. proprietor, American House
Wayman, H. justice of the peace and mason and builder
Webster, T. attorney at law
Wilsher, Benjamin blacksmith
Wolford Lodge I.O.O.F.
Yates, G. A. surveyor



From George W. Hawes’ Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, for 1859 and 1860