Henry Williams


CASE OF KIDNAPPING. - We learn that a worthy and industrious man by the name of Henry Williams, while within a few rods of his house on Wednesday evening, was seized by a gang of men, and carried across the river into Kentucky, and was lodged in the Covington jail as a runaway slave. He was taken from a wife and family, who are deeply afflicted at the brutal outrage that deprives them of a husband and father. The man has lived in this city for some time - came from Pittsburgh, and is said never to have been a slave. The responsibility of these atrocities, by far too common, rests, in a great measure, upon the people of this State. Their authorities provide no sufficient guards to secure personal rights, while our Black Laws, and the pro-slavery party connections of a majority of the people, invite and sanction such aggressions. It is our business to set the example of justice to the colored man. We cannot otherwise expect to have the peace and dignity of the State respected. - Cin. Herald. 


The North Star, April 21, 1848