Latonia/Covington Rename Streets
Changed To Changed From
21st St. Louis
22nd Wallace
24th Sterrett
25th Elizabeth  (E. of Madison)
25th Woodlawn (W. of Madison)
26th SunnySide (E. of Madison)
26th Beuna Vista (w. of Madison)
27th Madison Pike (se of 26th)
28th Sycamore
28th Georgia
28th Lydia
29th Chauncey
30th Kruse
31st Catherine
32nd Ferry (nw of Southern)
32nd Wiggins (se of Southern)
33rd Randall (se of Southern)
33rd E. Boone (E. of Decoursey)
33rd Williamson (east of Main)
33rd Winchester
34th Hamlin
34th W. Boone (Decoursey to Washington)
34th Keturah (E. of Washington)
35th Sandford (se of Southern)
35th Kenton (east of Decoursey)
36th Franklin
Southern Southern
38th Forrest (E. of the L&N)
38th Golding (w. of the L&N)
39th Timberlake
39th E Forrest
40th Taylor
41st Oak (w of Decoursey)
41st Keller (e of Decoursey)
42nd Center (west of Decoursey)
42nd Ohio (east of Decoursey)
43rd W. Walnut (west of Decoursey)
43rd Oakland (east of Decoursey)
43rd Elm (west of Decoursey)
44th Walnut (east of Decoursey)
44th Elm (east of Decoursey)
45th Licking Ave.
Baltimore Maryland
46th Fairview (west of Decoursey)
46th Wolking (east of Decoursey)
47th Grandview (west of Decoursey)
47th Clyde (east of Decoursey)
48th Stewart
Lincoln Ct. Jefferson Pl.
Doyle Clinton
Rothert Washington
Wilson Park
Winston Main, southern to corp. line
Florida Previously unnamed
Birch Court Beech Court
Manson Pearl
Emerson Bullock
Camillus Kentucky
Dakota Monroe
Busse Bush
Heidel Wood

Decoursey was always Decoursey, but used to end at Ritte's corner. The name replaced “Main” from Ritte's corner to Madison as part of the renaming.

Wallace Avenue was not renamed. The proposal would have renamed it 22nd Street but the residents protested. 



This information is from an article in the Covington paper of February 25, 1911. We've tried to line up the old names with the new names, and frankly, we find the article's information around 44th to 46th street not properly aligned. Maybe they re-renamed it later. We don't know.