Licking Packet

The new and fast running steamboat Licking Packet will leave the foot of Robbins street, near the Pork House and the rolling mill on the Licking River at precisely:

  6:30 am
  8:00 am
  9:30 am
11:00 am
12:30 pm
  2:00 pm
  3:30 pm
  5:00 pm

Leave Cincinnati Landing, at the foot of Ludlow street [on the west side of Lytle Park], for South Covington and other intermediate landings, at precisely:

  7:00 am
  8:30 am
10:00 am
11:30 am
  1:00 pm
  2:30 pm
  4:00 pm
  6:00 pm

Leave Three Mile Riffle, or Cole's Landing, [Meiniken Park] at South Covington, at precisely:

  7:40 am
  9:10 am
10:40 am
12:10 pm
  1:40 pm
  3:10 pm
  4:40 pm

The above trips will be punctually performed, except when prevented by unfavorable actions. We take this occasion to inform the public generally that we are now ready in every (iileg) to carry Hogs, Cattle, Wagons, Carts, Drays, Horses, &c.  All application for Towing or Pleasuring will be promptly attend to between the times of 6 o’clock in the evening until 6 o’clock in the Morning - John Owen


from the Covington Journal, November 30, 1849.