Opening of Motch’s New Jewelry Store

On Thursday last [Sept. 21], Mr. M. C. Motch, the well-known Madison street jeweler, moved into his new store, which is the north half of the new store front just erected by him at the north-west corner of Pike and Madison streets. In the opening of this new and elegant establishment, Mr. Motch has taken the initiative in a movement to bring to perfection a branch of trade in which our city may said to have been heretofore deficient, and has exhibited a spirit of enterprise that demands the admiration and appreciation of the public.

The front of the store-room is formed principally by two immense plate glass windows, surrounded by silver-plate frames. The floor is tessellated, being formed of alternate blocks of white and black marble. On the right two marble-top counters run the entire length of the room, on which rest silver mounted show cases, containing watches and jewelry of every kind, of exquisite workmanship, and a dazzling display of rare and costly gems. In the rear of the counters are three large walnut cases, of beautiful design and elaborate finish, in which are displayed a splendid display of solid silver and plated ware, from the best manufacturers in the country.

To the left of the entrance stands the regulator, a wonderful piece of mechanism, enclosed in a beautiful case, reaching from the floor to the ceiling, and which cost one thousand dollars. Amongst other attractions yet to be added is a full plate glass mirror, to be placed at the rear of the store-room.

The fixtures are in keeping with the above, and the whole exhibits an exercise of the rarest taste and skill. This establishment is well worth a visit from the lovers of beautiful in art and adornment. 


from the Covington Journal, September 23, 1871