On The Ice


The Underground Railroad Car on the Ice.

AMHERSTBURG, C.W.[Canada West], Feb. 17, 1856.

DEAR SIR, - Out of the twenty-one slaves that started from Covington, Ky., on the 25h of January, I learn that seven was captured in Cincinnati, of which your paper has already given us the account; and I am glad to say that ten more of the number have made safe their escape, and landed here this morning - seven men, one women and two children, amiable and well looking - would demand from one thousand to fifteen hundred each, any day in the South. They travelled from one station to another, sometimes on the Underground and sometimes on the Upperground, until they made their way to the City of Sandusky. Here they found the Lake was frozen - Freedom or Death was their cry! - the Underground car had to take the ice. So they took fresh courage, and employed a man with his sleigh to bring them across. He ventured, and brought them to Point Play Island. On their journey they got overtaken by a snow storm, and was carried some miles out of their way. They then came to an opening in the ice, about five feet wide, which they could not see the end of either way, so they were compelled to tear the sleigh to pieces and make a bridge for their horses and sleigh to cross on; after this, all was well. They staid on Point Play Island that night, and in the morning made a fresh start on a new sleigh.... and sound. They had the privilege of hearing two able sermons preached in the land of freedom, one by Elder Binga, and one by Elder Troy. We learn the rest of their comrades is yet on their way to this goodly land.
Yours, truly,


Provincial Freeman, February 23, 1856