Piner Couple

My great grandmother Sarah Prather Goldsmith Williams Lawrence Johnson at her home in the Piner Ky area circa 1910. Sarah was pretty bizarre and my mom Sara Perry Ashcraft told me lots of stories about her. Her first husband was James A Goldsmith who was born in Harrison County West Virginia who moved to Missouri after the Civil War where he met Grandma Sarah whose father Abraham Keightly Prather had moved his family from Owen County Kentucky after the war too. After they married in Missouri they all moved back to Northern Kentucky in the 1870s. After Grandpa Goldsmith died she had a series of marriages ending in the death of her much older husbands until her last marriage to Mr. Elijah Johnson when she eloped with him from Ludlow Ky home at age 78. She died at her home at 120 Hay Street in Ludlow August 30 1937 from “heat exhaustion”. I would have liked to have know this lady.


Dale Ashcraft, posting on Facebook's Old Photos of Northern Kentucky