Post-Slavery Ads

Information wanted of my son, Newton Cox, who formerly lived near Covington, Ky . He was sold when quite young to a man by the name of Wilson, in Louisville, Ky. Any one knowing of his whereabouts will confer a lasting favor from me by showing him this notice, or addressing me in this city. The Christian Recorder, April 13, 1867


Of my daughter Spencer Ann Ringo, about 8 years old, born in Woodford, Ky. She was taken to Helena, Arkansas, and then to Covington, Ky . When the war commenced she was owned by the Widow Prudence Ringo. Information wanted also of my mother, Ann Maria Stradford. She belonged to Dr. Blackburn, of Covington, Ky . Any information of the above persons will be thankfully received. The Christian Recorder, August 29, 1868