Rebel Outrages

Rebel Outrages in Kenton County, Ky, - We learn from the Cincinnati papers that, for a week or two past, the loyal people of that portion of Kenton county lying south of Independence have been kept in constant terror on account of the presence in their midst of a gang of outlaws, who seem determined to kill all men who have been conspicuous in their devotion to the Union cause. The dwellings of a number of Union men have been attacked, recently, by parties supposed to be in the interest of the rebels, and, although no one has been injured, so far, the people in that section are daily expecting to hear of some barbarous murder, similar to the Wileman affair, in Pendleton county. A few nights ago at soldier was shot at while riding along a road, near Independence, and many other circumstances have occurred to warrant the belief that there is a regularly organized gang of rebel guerrillas and murderers inflating the upper portion of Kenton county. We trust the military authorities will give immediate attention to the matter


Evansville Daily Journal, October 23, 1863

The Wileman reference:

“Cincinnati, Wednesday, Oct. 7.-Maj.Wileman, of the Eighteenth Kentucky regiment, who was wounded in the Battle of Chickamauga, and who lately returned home, was taken from his house, in Pendleton County, Ky., on Monday, by a gang of guerrillas, stripped of his clothing, tied to a tree, and shot.  Five of the marauders were caught and brought to this city today.”  New York Times, October 8, 1863