Historic Visalia Property Changes Hands


Kenton-co’s early history was recalled yesterday when the sale of one of the oldest homes in this section of the state was completed.  Purchased by Dr. William H. Strahan, 1104 Russell-st, Covington, the 65-acre estate near Visalia sold by Thomas H. Burnside, Visalia, has echoed to the war cry of aroused Indians and to the hymns of the first Methodists in the county.  It was on this piece of property that the first Methodist church services were held in Kenton.  The old barn, used as a church, still stands, and an Indian trail on the estate still yields buried relics of that ancient day when the red man crossed the land on the way to the fords of the Licking nearby.

The land surrounding the estate was a hunting ground too.  Bear Wallow Springs, which attracted buffalo and deer, proved to be a choice spot for hunters, and early settlers in the vicinity found in it a rich source of food.

The deal for the land was consummated by Rel. C. Wyman, real estate broker.

The land was settled by Joseph Winston before 1812.  Dan Ruttle Sr, purchased it from James Winston, the son of the original settler.  Twenty years ago, Dan Ruttle Jr. sold it to Mr. Burnside who in turn sold it to Dr. Strahan.

The history of the estate was related by William Ruttle, son of San Ruttle Jr.  He learned the many interesting stories of the estate from old James Winston himself. 



Kentucky Post, October 9, 1934